Moments with Hanna Ovin

Moments with Hanna Ovin


Hanna Ovin is an enigmatic person, she has a natural aura of good spirits around her. You could say she lives and breathes nature in a way. Most people like being outdoors but not all of us like being outside in all kinds of weather. Hanna does and she likes to capture these moments with her camera, she has a good eye for it too. We’re proud to have her in Spektrum’s family and these are a few of her favorite photos from Åre.

Image above: 

A cold hike to the top of Åreskutan in the middle of March, all alone on the mountain. Marie Karlsson, Ebba Norberg and Gustav Esteban Svensson Chaura skinning their way up in the light from their head lights.


Do you shoot with your phone or with a camera?

- I have a little compact camera that I bring with me most of the time. It’s a Sony RX 100 with a fixed lens.

What made you interested in photography?

- I’ve always shot photos. When I was a kid I had a compact camera, in high school I had a DSLR but that just made me feel lost with all the buttons. Too many settings for my brain. But when the iPhone came I felt, Wow, this is my thing! But I needed something with a good battery life for the cold.


Image above:

My favorite peaks in Åre, from the left. Totthummeln, Åreskutan and Blåsten.


Do you always bring your camera?

- It depends on the crew, if it’s bad weather I always bring it.


- I like to shoot activities when the weather is changing, it looks dramatic and colorful.

What else do you like to shoot?

- I usually just shoot in nature when I’m out skiing, biking, paddling, running, hiking or ice skating. That’s what I like to capture because that’s the environments I’m in.

Image above:

Emelie Almstedt and David Nordblad hiking their way up to Åreskutan at the end of February. The reward was one of the best runs of the season.

Do you just use auto mode or do you work with your settings in the camera?

- I always use the P program, sometimes I adjust the amount of light but that’s it.

Since you work with a few photographers do you ask them for tips or do you learn by trial and error?

- I really don’t, it’s not that I’m not interested in learning stuff but I like to have my own way of shooting. And I don’t adjust the settings so much. I’m way too out of touch with the technical camera stuff.

Image above:

Josefin Ahlström pushing it on the last section to the top of Hottögsfjället. It's late September, just before the sun sets behind the mountains. That's why the sunlight is extra nice! The bike trail down from the top is really beautiful and very technical.


What’s your favorite place to shoot in Åre?

 - There’s a lot of places, but I like to go a bit higher up so I can a good view or where the elements meet. Kinda where the forest meets the mountain or where water becomes ice.

 Are there places you visit just to take photos?


- Sometimes, my first option is usually the activity, but if the conditions for riding is so so and I know a good spot I’ll make my way over there.

Image above:

A midnight run at Åre Bike Festival this summer.

Do you print your images and hang them on your walls?

 - I did once for an exhibition

 Did you sell any of them?

- No

Image Above:

Springtime running with Josefine Ahlström, heading for Åreskutan in the beginning of June with a little bit of snow still left on the ground.

Is it possible to buy your photos now?

- No, but a lot of people have asked about it, well some have at least. I haven’t really come around to it yet. When I’m off work I wanna be outside and after that, there’s no time left really. I don’t even have Photoshop, haha. But sometime soon I hope.

What’s your tip for those who wants to shoot photos up on the mountain?

- Use the terrain, look for the small details and nice stuff in the leafs, snow crystals, rocks and flowers. Find the patterns from sunlight and shadows.

Image Above:

Kayaking with my friend "Ankan" in Ånnsjön last October

What’s always in your backpack?

-Coffee, safety equipment, sunglasses, a water bottle and you always need a puffy jacket in Åre, haha.

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Hanna's favorite goggle is the G004 in Cosmic Pink with a Polarized lens.

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