50-50 backflip off at the US.Open in Vail

Name: Ludvig Billtoft
Age: 19
Profession: Snowboarder

Why Kläppen? Kläppen has simply kept the right focus in their resort, which gives me the hype I'm looking for.

Favorite run in Kläppen and why: Last lift when you go down from the chairlift, when the spring is around the corner, slushy everywhere. Thats Kläppen for me.

Favorite place in Kläppen and why: They are maintaining one of Scandinavias best parks, so you will most likely find me there.

Favorite bar in Kläppen and why: Easy the Top Cabin, nice working people & you got yourself a fine view.

Favorite hangout: Favorite hangout would be below the ’’park’’ sitting, talking shit & watching your pals blasting.

Favorite rest on the hill: I'm snowboarding? Why should I rest?

Secret tip: A lot of danish people go to Kläppen, which isn't a secret tip now when I'm thinking about it.



Frontside 360 in Kläppen

Photo: Oscar Wester